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Set up an online room


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A participant who is in an online room automatically moves from one session to the next without having to "move" to the site. When the participant enters the room, he/she accesses the current session. On the organiser's side, a global moderator connected in the room is in charge of launching the transition from one session to the next, thanks to a button in the interactivity tab. In order to avoid timing problems due to the ever-changing duration of the sessions, this switch is not automatic. In the online room, the interactivity tab to the right of the video is automatically updated when the session changes. Only the chat remains the same from one session to the next in a given room. This interactivity tab has been enriched with the programme of upcoming sessions in that room. To present the rooms on your event website, you have a Room teaser block. To create an online room from the Back-Office, you follow the same path as for a physical room, and then associate the sessions you want with it. On your event website, the room page contains a teaser block presenting all the sessions that will be held there. You can create CTAs pointing directly to an identified room (for your timeline for example). In room mode, all automatic forms have been deactivated (for session entry, or for satisfaction for example). However, the moderator can now push a CTA that opens a pop-in for satisfaction during a session. Practical note: if the sessions in the online room are carried out with the live inwink module, the speakers do not have to log in to the room, but each one in his own session (as before). The live session of each session continues to be launched by the moderator of the session as well. The only person connected in the room is the global moderator in charge of switching from one session to the next.