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Lead generation for partners: new possibilities


We have therefore decided to make several changes to the product to make the lead gen for partners more fluid. On the partner pages, it is now easier for a participant to share his or her contact information, thanks to a direct action button. It is up to you to set the parameters of the information shared by the participant in your Back-Office. Similarly, when a participant initiates a conversation with a partner and then leaves the conversation, a pop-in is automatically pushed to the participant to offer to share their contact information. On the pages listing partner offers, the CTA for sharing contact information is also available, as well as an option to bookmark certain offers. On the partner offer details pages, you can add several new CTAs: "send a message to the partner", "ask a meeting" and "share your information". The CTA for sharing contact information is also available directly from a partner's networking table. With these new features, the partner will be able to collect more and more leads. That's why we've made the partner area easier to find these leads. In the Leads tab of the partner area, the partner can now sort and export all the leads generated at the event from a single location. The leads are presented by source in different tabs. For you, these new options can be configured in the Back-Office from the Partners tab > Configuration .